Tiny Landscape series

Whenever I am away from my studio for any length of time, as I was this past week, it always takes me a few days to get back to where I feel comfortable again. I forget what I had been doing before I left and so whatever I try to create turns out not so great.

Being back east was a bit startling for me. Everything was so green and the trees were so large. I guess I forgot how big both the trees and the leaves are. Here, our trees are smallish. And there are pretty much no leaves on anything. The mesquite tree has some tiny little leaves but for the most part it is all about dry, dusty brown and thorns.

Today was the first day I began to feel comfortable in my studio again. Although I put trees in my landscapes. I guess I really needed trees.

I am still reeling from the realization that Massachusetts is so expensive and I have no idea if we will ever be able to go back. I am heartbroken over that thought. I try not to think about it but it is hard not to.


Back from Vacation

We got back from our trip to Boston yesterday. It was really not long enough but we enjoyed it unti we had to fly home. We spent 9 hours in the Dallas airport due to flight changes and delays. Seriously. I can't wait until I do not have to fly anywhere anymore.

Once we move back east I do not plan to fly anymore. It is has become too problematic.

Before I left I did these two tiny landscapes using just two colors. The green color is by Daniel Smith called Rare Green Earth. It is a lovely color and very atmospheric. The other color is Quinacridone Burnt Orange. Also by Daniel Smith. It mixes really well with the Rare Green Earth to make a lovely earthy mixture.

While we were in Amherst we looked at a lovely condo to buy but it was not to be. The seller changed his mind and decided not to sell. needless to say we were very disappointed. This is a terrible time to be looking for a place to live. Anywhere. But we will keep looking and hoping to find something.



I Just discovered sepia by Daniel Smith. What a deep, dark and lovely color. I barely need any other colors when I use it since it has so much depth.


Tiny Landscapes Series

My most recent series called "Tiny Landscapes" is keeping me very inspired. I have tried to make landscapes using photographs but the best ones seem to be the ones where I just let the flowing paint dictate the landscape. I have started to number them because I think that there are going to be quite a few of them as was in my Florilegium series. This one is Number 23 in the series.


Tiny Landscapes

One thing I have been doing a lot of is painting small postcard sized landscapes. I am taking a lovely class with Kateri Ewing It has helped me get out of my head for a bit anyway. Mostly it is about abstract art making but as usual I can never be totally abstract and everything ends up being either a landscape or a floral. Oh well. That's just me I guess.


Summer in the Desert

It has been really hot here with very little rain. I am hoping to leave this place soon for good. But for now I am rather stuck here. We go back east for a visit in August and will be meeting hopefully with a realtor to find a place to live. We were hoping to find a place in Amherst but they don't have a lot of housing stock there. The houses are either out of our price range or dilapidated wrecks with nothing much in between. Down towards the cape where my son lives is very nice but way out of our budget I am afraid. Housing has become so unaffordable these days it is hard to imagine really. I am going to try and stay positive. I have a very good friend back in Amherst who has offered to go look at places for me. We have known each other since high school and it would make both of us so happy to be able to live near one another. Like when we were kids! Anyway, as a result of all my house hunting on Zillow I have not been making much art. It is hard to concentrate with all this going on. Normally we would just sell our place here and go rent back east until we find something but the rents are astronomical! We would spend all our money on rent with nothing left to buy a place. Thats it. That is all I've got for now.


Fourth of July in Tucson

The Fourth of July here in Tucson is pretty boring. It is too hot to go outside and enjoy anything and fireworks are quite limited due to the high fire danger. Oh well.....just another day. I can't look at Facebook because everyone I know is either at the beach or somewhere where they can be outside enjoying BBQs and fireworks. Here I sit. I did do something positive today for my situation. I booked a stay at the beach near my son for the entire month of November. I will finally be able to have a real Thanksgiving with them. I was very lucky last year to be able to have Thanksgiving with my grandson and all his fellow soldiers at Fort Huachuca. That was very special. But other than that not many holidays get celebrated out here. That is what happens when you move too far away from your family. I think I had one Thanksgiving here with my neighbors maybe back in 2018 or so. I did have a New Years Eve dinner last year with some friends who are snowbirds when they had just arrived plus my grandson was here on Army leave. So it is not all bad......just a little depressing whenever there is a holiday and I am not with family. Those are my worst days.

Tiny Landscape series

Whenever I am away from my studio for any length of time, as I was this past week, it always takes me a few days to get back to where I fe...